Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tiler has been back

On my way grocery shopping today I snuck past the house again.  As I came up the rise I could see that the laundry door was open.  I got really excited because I thought someone was working and I would be able to sneak into the house to have a look!

However it seems that the tiler has been back and finished levelling all the floor areas ready for tiling.


The tiler had jammed the laundry door there shut with something.  Hopefully this means he will start tiling in earnest come Monday.  I’ve left him a note about tiling to the ceiling in the shower alcoves in both the bathrooms, and also doing the small wall near the toilet in the ensuite grey rather then white.  I haven’t heard from him yet, so will try to get up there early Monday and catch him. IMG_0745

I hope he cleans up that mess on the bottom of the cupboards.


Bit of a close up of the laundry sink and bench – the colour is Paprio Storm.  We where going to have Polar White doors, which is a really startling white, however they where having a ‘special’ upgrade when we where doing colour selections, so we got these doors that have this fancy edge on them, there was something else special about them.  I don’t know, it was late in the colour selection process and I was tired and over it.

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