Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Downpipes in the Downtime

This time over Christmas/ New Years is traditionally a time when tradies go on holidays and nothing gets done.  But I got a great Christmas present Down pipes!

IMG_0735  IMG_0738


Thanks to some questions by someone on the homeone forum I have found this cool idea for my corner cupboards.


I really like the deeper pot draw type ones. I am hoping they either use the current doors or...hmmm I might go dumpster diving and pull out the extra pieces of charcoal laminate. Hubby says "looks expensive" so I might go visit the showroom tommorow and see if it is just a pipe dream.

For my reference the draws come from here...

Also for my reference I really like the thoughts behind how to set out your kitchen discussed on this web site. Who would have thought there was a 'science' behind where you put the pots in your kitchen.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiler has been

Christmas Eve I found a set of builders keys on the front porch.  The whole house was left open also.  So I took the keys and locked up the house.  I left a message for the SS that I had the keys and would put them in the top kitchen draw.  I figured no-one would be working Christmas/boxing day and I would put the keys back on the evening of the 28th. 

As timing would have it I got to the house at the same time as the SS, so we had a bit of a chat.  The tiler had been!  He has unpacked all the tiles and opened all the cement bags so that no-one can steal them. 

I didn’t have my camera with me, as I didn’t think anything would have been done, so I went up today and took some photos through the window.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kitchen handles – bathroom and laundry.

They put all the kitchen handles on today and brushed the doors down, so it looks a little better.  They have also put all the WIR draws in.  The shelves in the master bedroom are to big and need to be cut back.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like with the bench. 


I think I might change the door handles after all.  I think square brushed stainless steel ones would look much better.IMG_0672

I have a normal 600 oven but a 900 stove top.  I am wondering how ‘deep’ the stovetop is, if it is going to fit entirely in the benchtop, as this space will not fit my 900 stovetop. See the corner cupboard to the left and the HUGE gap in the doors there?  I would have thought the doors would fit together better then that. IMG_0673 Fridge provision.IMG_0674

Linen cupboard in the hallway      IMG_0664

Main bathroom IMG_0665 LaundryIMG_0666

Washing machine waste in the laundry, I will have to get my Dad to make a hole in the cupboard so I can put the washing machine hose through.


Walk in robes all have 4 draws and 3 shelves.


The bricks have still not finished.  I talked to the SS he told me that the pallets of bricks in SA have 500 bricks, but the pallets from interstate only have 350 bricks.  So he asked the office to order 2 pallets, thinking he would get 1000 bricks which would be enough to finish it, however they only got 700 bricks, which was not enough.  So waiting on more bricks still!  You can see the brickie didn’t put the rest of the insulation in.  I am going to have to talk to the SS about that. IMG_0669 IMG_0670

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kitchen install has started

They started putting the kitchen cupboards in today.


Microwave provision with pot drawers.IMG_0631

The pot drawers are wrong, they are supposed to be 144,288,288.  I think I will have to take a tape measure up there and measure the depth of them.   I think I would rather a shallow big pot drawer.IMG_0632

Range hood in line with the cupboards next to it.IMG_0634

Fridge space.IMG_0635

Pantry – it looks a bit useless really, the shelves are so thin, it’s like you have this great big space then put these peeny weeny shelves in there.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Tradesmen and a bath - wonders will never cease

So we went up to the house today, thinking we would try find another way to break in and there was some-one at the house working!! on a Saturday!!

I was able to get some pictures of the much promised bath tub


Complete with its own wildlife
Wolf Spider

Do you see how beautiful our bricks look even when they are supporting a bath! Though I wonder if this is enough support for the bath? After seeing other peoples blogs of having half a house of bricks shoved under the bath.
bath bricks

The little hoodlum got back in again, and started photo bombing me

The tradie was busy putting all the doors in

Finally - last but not least, the bricks have arrived. Hopefully the brickies will start on Monday and we will be fully bricked.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

No bath today

Notice something missing in the above picture? Yep no bath. According to the SS the bath was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday and the last pallet of bricks on Wednesday. No bath and no bricks.

I had a rare chance to go up to the house today without the youngest two. I helped my daughter through and open window and spent a good bit of time wandering around the house. I noticed a few things that I hadn't before.

Our doors are all in a nice pile. They are all flat profile, hubby and I like to keep things simple, we like nice straight clean lines. I think the 4 smaller ones are for the WIR and the pantry.

This is the challenge I have set for myself. I am trying to work out how high the garage door will be by counting how many bricks there are. Does anyone know how high a brick is?

I read through our Colour Selections, the door frame is to be painted the same colour as the door - Manor red, I have spoken to the SS and asked if I can get it done black instead. So waiting to see what he says.

Monday, December 14, 2009

We are LOCKED out!!

Went up to the house today, there are doors where doors should be!!

My three year old ran around and tried all the doors, he turned around threw his hands up and said “all locked”.


There is a sticker on the front window from Gliderol, so I can only assume they have measured up the garage door!  Can’t wait to see it.

I had a thought that maybe we should get the front door frame painted black and leave the door red.  What do you think?


My massively expensive front door handle


All the other internal doors, taken through a very dirty window.  You wouldn’t know winter was just finished with all that dead grass in the background!IMG_0560

Much to my relief the door from the garage to the kitchen has a lock also! I was thinking I would have to put one on it after handover.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Observation is not my strong point

So today I noticed they have remove the scaffolding from the roof!  That means the roof is totally finished! I’ve no idea when they did it!

However they only delivered one pallet of bricks when the needed two, so the external walls are not yet finished.  I went today to make sure the brickies where putting the insulation in before bricking.  They where *yay*

The plasterboard is all finished, I noticed they have drilled little holes where the power points and data points are *another yay* that will make them much easier to find :)

Pantry in the kitchen, you can see the door leading to the garage.
Looking from the Home Theatre room towards the kitchen.
Lounge area
Apparently the back of the linen closet doesn’t get plasterboard.
The toilet is nicely centred.
The scaffolding on the roof is gone, and a little bit more of the bricking done.
This is our ensuite, our feature tile is going to cover the wall on the back. Though seeing it in real life with the plasterboard I think that little section on the left should be done in the feature tile also. I am going to stick a note to the wall hopefully the tiler will see it and we can come to some sort of cash agreement!
This is my daughters walk in robe, hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I wanted to paint the inside of her robe pink! and the inside of the boys robes blue ! Like Annie has done here

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeling the Love from our SS

It seems a lot of people on the Homeone forum have trouble getting in touch with their Site Supervisor and/or getting information out of them.  We received a letter on Friday that the building company was shutting down its offices from the 22nd of December until the 11th of January and that while many trades will be on a break, some may choose to work during this time. I remembered in one conversation that I had with our SS that he had a few trades that where wanting to work over the Christmas break.  So I rang him today to see if there was anything I could do to help that happen.

He gave me the most exciting information:

  • Bricks should be finished today or tomorrow
  • House will be locked up on Monday
  • Tuesday the bath arrives
  • Dec 21st the kitchen is going in
  • the tilers and the painters are both going to work over the break

So killer excited! I guess it is the other side of the hump that will be boring, if nothing happens those first 11 days of Jan.

After school I went up to the house and no bricks had been done.  Seems the plasters are finished, it looks like they made a vague attempt to sweep up :( I think I might go sweep up nicely on the weekend again, then take some pictures.  I don’t think they have done all the insulation in the roof, I can see through some of the gaps in the plasterboard that there is no insulation.  I will have to put it on the list of things to check before PCI, that or borrow Dad’s ladder and go up there to have a look.

I had a stunning idea for the cut-outs near the home theatre room entrance, I think we might use Shoji doors and inserts.  They look a bit like this

Bassett Scarffe Black Bifold

The other thing I achieved today was to get a closer look at some pavers I have been eyeing off the last few weeks.  I drive past this paving place at least once a week, about a month ago they put up some new pavers that caught my eye. I’ve just shown hubby the pictures and he agrees that they will work brilliantly as the pavers around the house.  The ones on the right, the Oyster honed.