Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Observation is not my strong point

So today I noticed they have remove the scaffolding from the roof!  That means the roof is totally finished! I’ve no idea when they did it!

However they only delivered one pallet of bricks when the needed two, so the external walls are not yet finished.  I went today to make sure the brickies where putting the insulation in before bricking.  They where *yay*

The plasterboard is all finished, I noticed they have drilled little holes where the power points and data points are *another yay* that will make them much easier to find :)

Pantry in the kitchen, you can see the door leading to the garage.
Looking from the Home Theatre room towards the kitchen.
Lounge area
Apparently the back of the linen closet doesn’t get plasterboard.
The toilet is nicely centred.
The scaffolding on the roof is gone, and a little bit more of the bricking done.
This is our ensuite, our feature tile is going to cover the wall on the back. Though seeing it in real life with the plasterboard I think that little section on the left should be done in the feature tile also. I am going to stick a note to the wall hopefully the tiler will see it and we can come to some sort of cash agreement!
This is my daughters walk in robe, hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I wanted to paint the inside of her robe pink! and the inside of the boys robes blue ! Like Annie has done here

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