Friday, April 17, 2009

Wall Colours

In preperation for a very quick turn around at colour selection I also made a decision on the wall colour.

We have to choose from the Solver Builders Paint range, or be charged a fortune. So I have chosen the Cumulus colour, apparantly it is the only paint that is white with just black. Though apparantly there black is a little 'blue'.

I went shopping today and bought a sample pot of Cumulus, and a canvas from a Reject shop. I will paint it up tommorow and see what it looks like.

The guys at the Solver store said they could 'give me a deal' on buying paint for the whole house, that I would need about 300 ltrs ? or that it would cost $300. 300 ltrs seems a lot, but I guess it is a big house. The Solver guys said to let Statesman do there thing, and then get a seperate painter in to paint with the 'washable' paint they have.

So I will email Statesman and ask for a quote on getting 3 coats of paint, the top two coats with this Maxi Wash paint. Then I will ask this painter that does painting for Dad what he would charge to just do the walls. He won't have to do the skirting boards as they will have been done by the builder. So photos tommorow of my wall paint, hopefully :)

Carpet selections

The bank manager told us that if we get quotes for carpet and tiling we can add it in to the home loan. These are two things that we have missed out of building cost in order to save money and get a better price (as suggested by the land agent who used to work for the company we are building through :)

So I wandered across the road to Solomon's carpets yesterday and picked out a carpet that matches the tiles perfectly.

They upgraded the underlay for 'free'. However the quote still came in at $5744 for the 4 bedrooms, study and theatre room. But I like the carpet. However sensibility is telling me that I should probally get another quote from somewhere else to.

The carpet has a 20 year warranty, and the thread is dyed before it is woven, so it should never fade. It also has a 'memory' that apparantly will make the carpet 'spring' back in to shape when you get it cleaned.

But yeah, might get another quote, as the Statesman quote for the bronze carpet range was only $2700.

Settlement fun

We got a phone call Tuesday from the bank. They won't settle on the land without the bank pack from Statesman so that they can do a complete assessment on the property. Even when they do get the bank pack, it will take them about two weeks for the assessment and final approval.

So I rang our Sales Consultant in a tizzy, settlement is in 3 weeks!! He suggested I call the land agent and see if I could push settlement back. So I rang the extremely lovely land agent, who said if I can get a 'good' date from Statesman as to when the Engineers report will be done then she can extend the settlement date on that.

Our Sales Consultant was supposed to get back to me today with the date. Not a word, rang and left a message. Nothing. So will call him again tommorow :(

But on the upside if we can push settlement back another month, that is one less month that we have to pay interest on the home loan.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Someone else is using our bricks!

I went up to the block today to see if I could detect wether or not the Engineer had been out there and done his thing.

There are two other blocks with dirt being levelled and ready for slabs. I was so envious. I can't wait till we get to that stage.

I also noticed another house in the estate being built with the bricks that we want to use. The bricks we have chosen have been discontinued and there where only 20,000 left. I hope there house doesn't use more then 10,000 otherwise we might not get to use them, and I have my heart set on them. On a plus note, cream windows look terrible with the brick we have chosen, so thats made one decision easier. I will have to drag hubby out on the weekend to have a look at there place. On the plus side, if we run in to the owners they might be able to say if they got charged more for the bricks, they are building with Hickies.