Friday, April 17, 2009

Settlement fun

We got a phone call Tuesday from the bank. They won't settle on the land without the bank pack from Statesman so that they can do a complete assessment on the property. Even when they do get the bank pack, it will take them about two weeks for the assessment and final approval.

So I rang our Sales Consultant in a tizzy, settlement is in 3 weeks!! He suggested I call the land agent and see if I could push settlement back. So I rang the extremely lovely land agent, who said if I can get a 'good' date from Statesman as to when the Engineers report will be done then she can extend the settlement date on that.

Our Sales Consultant was supposed to get back to me today with the date. Not a word, rang and left a message. Nothing. So will call him again tommorow :(

But on the upside if we can push settlement back another month, that is one less month that we have to pay interest on the home loan.

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