Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s only been a year

We moved in a year ago this long weekend, and have finally gotten around to putting some plants in the front yard.  My husband told me that if I weeded the front yard I could get some plants to go in it!

We have a deck sitting on top of two layers of kapunda bluestone. What I need is an idea of what to plant in the spaces between the rocks.

I hope you get what I mean from the pictures!

The original plan
A view across the front - looking from the driveway to the neighbours
From right to left we have - Hardenbergia violacea in white
Oleria (something, we couldn't get the ramalosa but thought this looked closest to it)
Then a big empty space for some Dianella 'Little Jess' when we can find it.
Then some 'brown-eyes' as my husband delighted in calling them. Leacophyta brownii

Then some more Hardenbergia violacea "Happy Wanderer" in purple.

So here are the spaces in between the rocks looking along the deck

Then there are these spaces around the steps that lead up from the driveway to the deck and the front porch.

We are still keen to plant the Pyrus Calleryana either side of the deck with the Dianella Tassie Red's under them.
So I guess I am looking for a native plant that likes full sun that will fill the spaces and hide the bottom of the deck but not hide the rocks. ::wornout::


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paving the Tank area.

My husbands ‘test’ paving spot, to ‘see if he can do it’ is the spot where we are going to put the tanks.  We are using extra thick paving the ones you normally use for driveways as we figure the tanks with the water in them will be very heavy.

For such a small area it is alot of sand and pavers to move!




All done, just have to wait for the neighbours to build there retaining wall.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The backyard and dead side ‘before’

I wanted to take some in progress / before pictures.

The wood sleepers are our back boundary, when they sell the land behind us I want those owners to have the option of being able to build right up to the fence line, so we didn’t want to put anything to solid in place.  This is the place where the rainwater tanks are going.

The buckets are very useful for moving sand and gravel.


This is down the dead side, past the laundry door, my husband did a wet system for the stormwater, we intend to have it plumbed into the house so that the whole house can run of rainwater.  You can see the corner of the neighbours pool being built.


Standing in the neighbours yard looking along the back of ours.  We have a stormwater easement running across the back of our property.  We would have liked to dig it totally out like our neighbours did except we have an inspection point in the middle so we couldn’t .SDC11323

Before the neighbours built there retaining wall we put a bit of pipe in for the plumber to run the hose from the rainwater tank down to the house.SDC11325

This all needs to be paved! Looking from one end and then the other.


Yep those two grey walls are a bit daunting.


My hubby is so impressed with all the gravel we have to move!  The parents loaned us there car and trailer.