Thursday, July 23, 2009

At least another 7 weeks

I just spoke to a lady at council.
When the report finally comes back from the CFS it will be two weeks before the coucil guy signs off on it. Then it will be sent back to the builder, who has to get a private company to certify it and apply for licenses etc then they send that back to council then council approves it.
She said the quickest all that paper work has ever been done has been 4 weeks. Thats the quickest!!

So at least another week before the CFS has to get there report in, and from talking to the CFS ladies they are going to take there sweet time and not post it till the the day before it is due, then 2 week with council, then another 4 weeks. So 7 more weeks before the builders even get approval.

Then the builders have a 6 week 'good to go', so 13 more weeks before we get our slab. So if we are _lucky_ and I use that word loosely - we will have a slab by the 9th of October. Then if we are really lucky it will only take 6 months to build, but you have to add a month for all the dingdonging around Christmas so maybe May next year we might have the house. MAY, MAY!!
I don't even want to think about it or I might just go postal on someone.

I feel like going postal on the CFS ladies. This one woman is so fricking rude on the phone. So nasty, I ask her how the report is progressing, what it is up to and she is like "We have until the 30th to complete it" that is all she says. She reminds me of our extrememly frustrating and totally incompetent Sales Consultant. I seriously feel like going up to the CFS in Mt Barker and just sitting there with three screaming kids for days on end and asking her how she likes it. I'm sure there offices are bigger then this bloody small rental we are in.

I am restraining myself from going postal over the phone, as I am sure if I do our fire rating will go from Low to HIGH. But how fricking ridiculous is it that we have to have a fire rating at all. There isn't a tree for miles, we are in the middle of a fucking building development. arrghhhh arrggghhhh I just feel like screaming all day long. I think I need to go buy some Rescue Remedy and try to calm down.