Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kitchen Blind and Key Corkboard

After a bit of shopping around I discovered that no-one wanted to make my kitchen roman blind for me.  The material that I had chosen was too heavy and no curtain makers wanted to take the chance.  So I made it by hand myself. It was so big I had to do it on the floor of the computer room, my knees where shot for days.



But I think it looks great in!  We also had down lights put in above the kitchen sink as we couldn’t see when doing the dishes at night.



I also found this corkboard / picture frame at Spotlight, so I removed the cork and put a piece of leftover fabric over it, and some ribbons so I could put notes in there as well as push pins.  I bought some hooks from Bunnings and screwed them onto the frame just under the kids pictures.  I figure when the kids are older they can hang there car keys under there picture!


I hung it next to the kitchen door heading to the garage.


I used the drunk octopus hooks, because they just make me smile every time I see them Smile


With the last of the material I made some door snakes, with little button eyes.


From the outside I now have all red, to match the red front door, red garage door and red laundry door round the other side.IMG_2388

I just realised I haven't put up a photo of the dining area curtain.  We put this up in July.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Beginnings of a Deck and the Rock Wall

You can scroll down and refresh yourself with our landscape concept. We have finally saved up enough to start.

Given the cost though I am wondering how and why we are doing it. We have 12 months from when we move in to do the front landscaping and I can tell you some of the other houses in the estate are definately not adhereing to this encumberance rule!

I think hubby and I both got sick of the dirt pile out the front at the same time. Also he works from home and has had a few customers come around lately to drop of machines and watching them clamber up the dirt pile whilst amusing is not really good for business. So we got 3 quotes for the deck and 2 quotes for the rock wall. There are only 1 place in Adelaide that we could get the rock that we wanted from, and only them and 1 person they knew who would work with it, so we where a bit limited with those. Unsprisingly they quoted the same price! so we went with the person who was available the soonest.

For the deck we went with the middle priced quote, mostly because the guy seemed to know what he was talking about the most! and had the most experience.

The dirt pile before.Image

The start of the deck. The front support beams had to go in before the rock wall, so that the rocks could sit ‘under’ the deck and give the illusion that the deck is ‘floating’ above the wall.

I told my daughter to take some photos during the day when they where laying the rock, she's only 10 but there not to bad.


Steps leading up to the house and the deck



My 3 year old having lots of fun running back and forth over the rocks



The boys playing


My favorite shot