Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kitchen Blind and Key Corkboard

After a bit of shopping around I discovered that no-one wanted to make my kitchen roman blind for me.  The material that I had chosen was too heavy and no curtain makers wanted to take the chance.  So I made it by hand myself. It was so big I had to do it on the floor of the computer room, my knees where shot for days.



But I think it looks great in!  We also had down lights put in above the kitchen sink as we couldn’t see when doing the dishes at night.



I also found this corkboard / picture frame at Spotlight, so I removed the cork and put a piece of leftover fabric over it, and some ribbons so I could put notes in there as well as push pins.  I bought some hooks from Bunnings and screwed them onto the frame just under the kids pictures.  I figure when the kids are older they can hang there car keys under there picture!


I hung it next to the kitchen door heading to the garage.


I used the drunk octopus hooks, because they just make me smile every time I see them Smile


With the last of the material I made some door snakes, with little button eyes.


From the outside I now have all red, to match the red front door, red garage door and red laundry door round the other side.IMG_2388

I just realised I haven't put up a photo of the dining area curtain.  We put this up in July.


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