Friday, April 17, 2009

Carpet selections

The bank manager told us that if we get quotes for carpet and tiling we can add it in to the home loan. These are two things that we have missed out of building cost in order to save money and get a better price (as suggested by the land agent who used to work for the company we are building through :)

So I wandered across the road to Solomon's carpets yesterday and picked out a carpet that matches the tiles perfectly.

They upgraded the underlay for 'free'. However the quote still came in at $5744 for the 4 bedrooms, study and theatre room. But I like the carpet. However sensibility is telling me that I should probally get another quote from somewhere else to.

The carpet has a 20 year warranty, and the thread is dyed before it is woven, so it should never fade. It also has a 'memory' that apparantly will make the carpet 'spring' back in to shape when you get it cleaned.

But yeah, might get another quote, as the Statesman quote for the bronze carpet range was only $2700.

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