Friday, April 17, 2009

Wall Colours

In preperation for a very quick turn around at colour selection I also made a decision on the wall colour.

We have to choose from the Solver Builders Paint range, or be charged a fortune. So I have chosen the Cumulus colour, apparantly it is the only paint that is white with just black. Though apparantly there black is a little 'blue'.

I went shopping today and bought a sample pot of Cumulus, and a canvas from a Reject shop. I will paint it up tommorow and see what it looks like.

The guys at the Solver store said they could 'give me a deal' on buying paint for the whole house, that I would need about 300 ltrs ? or that it would cost $300. 300 ltrs seems a lot, but I guess it is a big house. The Solver guys said to let Statesman do there thing, and then get a seperate painter in to paint with the 'washable' paint they have.

So I will email Statesman and ask for a quote on getting 3 coats of paint, the top two coats with this Maxi Wash paint. Then I will ask this painter that does painting for Dad what he would charge to just do the walls. He won't have to do the skirting boards as they will have been done by the builder. So photos tommorow of my wall paint, hopefully :)


  1. Hi Jeanette, I sent a couple of replies regarding your Hydronic heating question. Not sure if it sent ? Let me know if you got it.