Thursday, May 7, 2009

Extended Settlement

Well after many phone calls and much stress our settlement has been ammended to June.
Now I have to keep on Statesman to get the bank pack from them.

I went in and spoke to the bank manager today, she told me that in order to make the settlement date she would need the bank pack from Statesman by the 28th of May. So I will have to keep on them to get the engineers report and footings report done.

I've not been sleeping well and an really to tierd to put more.

I went and saw a tiler today to get a quote on tiling the house in this porcelain tile that I like. He suggested the I get a 300x600 tile and lay it 'brick' style. I am going to have to do a bit of searching to find a floor like it and see what I think.

I have a picture of a display home where I can just see the edge of the tiles are laid like it. So now I am going to have to work out which display home it was and where and go back and visit it.

Here is the picture.

I went and visited a friend in Aldinga Beach last Friday, she was showing me around her newly built home. She told me that at there colour selection it was recommended that they have the darker colour as the bench top and lighter colour as doors in the bathroom because they where having dark bathroom tiles.

I can see why, her bathroom looks really good with the dark tile floor, light cupboard doors and dark bench top.

So now I am thinking I am going to have to go back to the laminate place and have a look at dark benchtops. I think I will stay with the Silver Grey as the cupboard doors, as it will match the grout we are going to use in the tiles. But I am thinking of one of the two following laminates for the bench top.



anywho .. going to put the kids to bed early so I can go to bed.

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