Sunday, May 17, 2009

Silk purse out of a sow's ear

I really want our bathroom to look luxurious but not cost a fortune. So I went to the Blackwood Park display village. All the exclusive (read expensive) builders have display homes there.

I think I have hit on a few points as to what makes a bathroom and ensuite look expensive.

1. Rectified porcelain tiles on the bathroom walls
2. Only have the feature tile on one wall
3. Have the cabinetry in the WIR made out of the same laminate as the bathroom.
4. Shiny, flat wall tiles - I was going to have wavy white wall tiles, but have definitely decided against it now.

From talking to this one guy, whose Dad does the building and he sits in the display homes, he told me that you can get a rectified ceramic tile. So going to go the Beaumonts and look for one.

I have to get to Tile Italia also to look for a new floor tile.

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