Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Footings report

Well the footings variation came back in at $14k more than the estimated $20k if we build it as is we will have a 2mtr high retaining wall along the back wall of the house. The kids rooms will be looking out onto retaining wall.

They suggested either a split house design, or we sink the garage down. So we have to go back to our semi useless sales consultant and I don't know, start the whole process again?

The extra money will put us into the realm of needing mortage insurance which we where hoping to avoid.

I am so totally bummed by it all. It's to hard, I just want to turn around and walk away.

The baby is really sick, he has had a temp since Saturday and is barely sleeping, he is vommitting and crying, the last thing I need is to have to make a 101 phone calls to try sort out what to do. Hubby seems to have given up on the whole project also, playing his bloody computer games all night long.

*sigh* time to start with the phone calls.

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