Sunday, June 7, 2009

Colour Selections

Well after spending hours in Beaumonts, and buying sample tiles and sample paints, we went into colour selections and chose completely different tiles and bricks and everything.

I had my heart set on a white brick called 'seacliff' but there was absolutely no way I could hae it. So we made a last minute decision to use Oyster. Though I would rather sorbetto, we are waiting for the colour consultant to get back to us with the price of it.

So selection extras are:
Electrical $110 - one extra power point
Brickwork $1855 - upgrade to PGH Oyster and light mortar
Insulation $580 - upgrade ceiling to R4.0 (this is on top of an already upgrade price we paid to go to R3.0
Window Finishes $420 to go to black window frames
Painting interior $1653 because I want to do the wall colour half strength they will have to do 3 coats, so we will get washable paint also, and cost us more to have the skirtings, doors ceiling white
Kitchen joinery - $1409 for the diamond gloss laminate, and pot drawers
bathroom $545 - silver tiles upgrade

any way, at the end of a very long 3 hours we are $5680 extra, on top, so we are going to have to rethink a few things :(

So choices are

Brickwork - PGH Oyster
Mortar colour - Light - white sand
Roof - Boral Capri Mid Grey tiles
Garage Door - Manor Red, Hampton smooth finish
Gutters/fascias/downpipes/verandah post - monument
Windows frames - satin black
Front door - manor red
Verandah - grey 400x400 tile

Walls : Cumulus 1/2 strength 3 coat washable
Doors/skirting/aves : ceiling white - I thought this wouldn't cost me anything, but because they have to 'cut' the paint in, it is a small fortune

Benchtops: laminex white valencia diamondgloss
Door : laminate Charcoal - flint finish
Door profiles: plain face
Kitchen splashback: 97325 100x300 stacked horizontal - a mat white tile
kickers: Formica brushed aluminium
a microwave provision and 2 sets of 3 pot drawers. (144,288,288)

Linen door - in hallway charcoal

Ensuite and bathroom
Door profile - plain
Doors : classic white - we went with some free offer they had on these nice lookign doors
polished crome taps and fittings and shower screen, crome plug holes, square crome floor drainers
Benchtop - Paprio Storm - velour finish

Bathroom main tiles 97284 300x600 vertical - a rectified polished white tile
frieze tile 97418 300x600 vertical - a grey tile
floor tiles 97417 300x300 same colour as the frieze tile

So in the ensuite the back wall of the shower will be the grey 97418 tile. So the floor tile will in effect run up the wall, hopefully making the ensuite look longer.

The white basins will be sitting in a grey benchtop, so they should stand out. The bathroom walls will be this polished white tile. The grout in the white tiles will be white, the grout in the floor tiles will be grey. I think the freize tile, the grey tile on the back wall will have white grout.

In the main bathroom, the floor tile will be grey, then the tiles around the bath and behind the bath will be the grey tile. The other walls will be white.

So yeah, I hope it looks good. I am going to take all the sample tiles back to beaumonts, and hopefully get some good pictures of the other tiles we have chosen to use instead. The pics of the tiles on the beaumont website are awful.

This is the grey wall tile from the beaumonts website

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