Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Building Insurance and Council Letter

We got a letter in the mail today, from the builder. It contained a Policy Certificate number for the builders insurance. Oddly enough it doesn't say how long the insurance is for. The amount that it is insured for is also less then the total cost of our project. But I guess they took out the insurance before we did colour selections.

The second bit of paper states that our new home has now been submitted to council. I wonder what plan they submitted, as the engineers report hasn't come back on our alterations. Or do councils not worry about things like footings and retaining walls? Do they just want to know what the house plan is?

The letter points out the 3 stages of council approval, then states "In total the approximate time frame for approval is 10 -12 weeks.

We might just see about that, apparantly a few calls to the council can not hurt. So I might ring them tommorow and see if they have actually recieved it. Then I might call Statesman again to see if the Engineers report is done. I really want to know what the new footings will be. Once we have that amount then we will have a final figure, and I can have a heart attack or a Pims and a lie down.

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