Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spoke to the Neighbours

Well since we now actually own the land and arn't backing out I thought I would see if I could get in contact with the neighbours and make sure they didn't use the same brick as us. IF I'm paying $2500 extra for a brick them I am not having the two houses next to us using the same brick, thats for sure!!

So the person to the left has bought the block to build a rental property on. He still hasn't decided on a builder but was/is leaning towards the same builder that we are using.

The couple to the right is Scottish, I could barely understand a word they said! They have a girl who is a year younger then my daughter, and a son the same age as mine. She is a nurse and he used to be a police officer. I talked to her about choosing laminates and tiles and where to go. They currently live in the same area that we are building, so hopefully they may keep a bit of an eye on the build for us.

I did however stress to both of them NOT to use the same brick we are ;) But now I am thinking that might backfire and when they go to selections the only name in there brains may be that of my brick :(

Hopefully though since the people to the right are using the same builder as us the builder might be able to come up with something for the retaining wall.

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