Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting on CFS fire rating

Well we are at a standstill while we wait for the CFS fire rating to be done. I rang the CFS last week and apparantly the one guy who does it is on leave. So two weeks at least before he starts doing them again . Then another 6 weeks or so to go through council. *arrghhhh* if it isn't one hold up it's another.

The council bloke states that we have to have the fire rating done because the small area that we are building in is rated a high fire risk due to the fact that it used to be a reserve/farmland. This rich family in Adelaide about 100 years ago bought up vast tracks of land, and then let them somewhat return to there natural state, they are now slowly selling this land piece by piece and making a killing. So the CFS rated these areas as fire risks, now that we are building they still have that rating and need to be assessed even though every tree within the area has been raised.

We still havn't gotten the second engineers report back, I rang Statesman yesterday, apparantly the external engineer had some big project come in, so they dropped everything to work on that.
Thats what they get for paying them pittance, so now it will be at least two weeks before that comes back.

Now that we are paying interest on the $180k for the land getting things to hurry along is all the more urgent.


  1. Yeah I can understand that, I am only paying interest on $131,000, but I still want to move in asap...

  2. I rang on Friday and the lady said "Oh yeah I think he has done that one" and I said "No really?" and she goes "oh actually no he hasn't yet"

    arggghhhh so close yet so far.