Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Signed the bank papers

Well, I think we signed the Construction Loan today. I thought there would have been more fanfare, or the sound of chains clinking, or something. Instead I recognised the woman from my son's childcare, and we talked about childcare, and her kids and then there was a fight outside the bank, so we watched some women fight, then the police came. Then we continued signing 'here' and 'here' and 'here' she gave us our copy of the paper and off we went.

That was it, I think I just signed papers that says I owe a lot of money for the next 30 years. Feels a bit unreal somehow.

I wonder how I will feel on the 19th when we actually own a block of land.
I guess it will sink in when I see the extra line in my online banking that says "awfully huge homeloan over here"

Statesman are being there normal bumbly selves. They rang, our plans are with the colour consultant, she will have them til Friday, then they will go to the Engineers, then maybe two weeks with the Engineers. *sigh*

I've sent the colour consultant about 3 emails now asking about the pricing of the bricks, and the laminate and the paint, all the things she was supposed to get back to me about, and not a word. It's been a week since we had our colour selection. Not happy Jan.

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