Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Final Colour Selection Variations

I saw a picture in some-ones blog where they had the washing machine space near the door, then the washing tub and then some open benchspace with open space underneath. So I sent the picture to my colour selections girl and asked her if I could have my laundry like that, or if it would cost me to change it.

She sent me back an email that the laundry door would hit the washing machine and it probally wouldn't be a good idea. As I was busily measuring the washing machine she actually rang!!

We talked about it for a bit and she suggested a brilliant alternative. Move the washing machine space to right over next to the laundry cupboard, then reduce the size of the cupboard that the laundry trough is sitting in and then have the open bench space. So I said "yeppers" so in the laundry it will be (from the outside door) 2 cm bench, laundry trough, 110cm bench, washing machine space (700mm), laundry cupboard.

The laundry trough will be in a 700mm cupboard, which is what our rental laundry trouch is in, and I can fit all my chemicals in there fine.

I am excited about the 110cm of benchspace. Down the track we are hoping to put in some overhead shelving, with a rail, then I can do my ironing and hang the clothes up on the rail. All my dry clothes should fit on this bench space! (as it is the same size as the couch I now currently put dry clothes on) It just means I will have to fold the washing when I take it off the line, as compared to throwing it in the basket and dumping it on the couch as I do now. Hmm but I won't be able to watch telli when ironing, just look at a blank wall....

The best bit about it all, is because I am reducing from a 1200 cupboard to a 700 cupboard they are going to give me back $155 for all these changes :) *stoked*

Hopefully I will recieve in the mail tommorow or Thursday the final pricing for all the colour selections and an interm pricing for the whole project. Not looking forward to seeing that amount I can tell you.


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