Saturday, June 20, 2009

Land Ownership - It's settled

Well I missed the phone call to tell me that our land had settled! But they finished with all the paperwork and what not at about 12:10pm yesterday. So we now own a big old chunk of Australia, with the biggest weed you have ever seen smack bang in the middle of it.

I told my husband that we should go up there and open a bottle of wine and have a drink on our land. But he didn't get home till 6.30pm and it was dark and late, we where going to go up this afternoon, but it is pouring down with rain. So maybe later in the week, and we can then just fudge the date on the photo.

We all have colds at the moment, so the thrill of it all is seriously tempered by feeling so ratched.

In the mail yesterday we also got notice from Statesman of our total project cost so far. We sat down and tried to work out the sums in our cold addled heads. If we have it worked out right, we should have $10,000 left over at the end of the build. That's if the footings costs come down by the $9000 that Statesman expects them to. So I think we can get carpet put in the bedrooms and home theatre room before we move in. But no tiles in the main areas, it will be an adventure, I was thinking I could get some cheap carpet runners and run them down the hallways, we already have a big red mat that can go in front of the teli in the living area, and then I can get some rubber types mats to go down in the kitchen. We can call it an 'adventure' a bit like having milk crate furniture when you first move out of home.

On an altogether different note, I had a phone call from a girl who asked if I could witness some documents for her. So I have preformed my very fist duties as a Justice of the Peace. Poor girl was here for an hour while I read through the booklet to see what I had to do.

Hubby is due home with lunch soon, we might drive out to the block and at least take a photo through the car window, we should mark the even in some way.

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