Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Electrical Wiring and Data Cables

I went up to the house on Thursday and noticed that all the electrical wiring had been done.  I rang the SS and asked when the gyprocking was happening his reply was "They should be there now" *eek* I was at work, and freaking out because we hadn't done the data cabling or put in the extra sound insulation that we wanted.

There was no action at the built site as I headed home.  So Sunday we got the Jim's Antenna guy out and we cabled the whole house up with data cables.  Two points in each room of the house.  We have them terminating in the WIR in our room.  Hubby says he can buy a switch and we can choose if the points are data points or phone points.


So rang the SS again, "yep definitely that are starting Wednesday"
So that gives me Tuesday, my day off to organise the extra insulation that we want. 

Monday at work I rang a few places and worked out the cheapest place to buy it. Tuesday I asked my Dad to meet me at the store I had chosen, with his van.  There where 21 bags of insulation total.  We had to do it in two trips.

Halfway back to the house on the 2nd trip my Dad’s van engine blew up!  Smoke pouring out everywhere, here we were on Main South Rd, with a van full of insulation! Dad was following me, he pulls out like this chicken wire and says “You can tow me!” WHAT!!! with this little piece of wire!!!

Luckily this guy in a courier van saw what was going on and lent us his tow rope. Thank God.  Well sort of not really, I only have a little Hyundai – it’s sole purpose in life is to drive me to around the city nothing as insane as towing this massive van.  I have to turn the air-con off to go up a hill!

Scariest 15 mins of my life towing the van.  I totally blew a red light, because I just wasn’t stopping, it took so much effort to get the car moving, the smell! I can only imagine the damage I’ve done to the gear box.  My tow bar is now an extra 15cm out from the car.

But at least we got the insulation to the new house.

I took Dad home, then went home and had dinner.  Mum and Dad met us back at the house at 7pm and we worked until it was to dark to see.  It was as surprisingly easy as everyone says it is.  I bought a cheap knife from Big W, and the batts just ‘sat’ inside the frame we didn’t need to secure it with anything.

It was to dark to take photos, I will take some later today.

We didn’t quite finish it, I figured I would go up there today and try asking the gyprockers into doing it for me.  I get a phone call from my Mum at 7am this morning.  “Get dressed and meet us at the house”.  So we finished it all off this morning. 

I’ve just rang the SS and he tells me they have been delayed and won’t be doing it until next week now :( 

I just hope all the stuff doesn’t blow out before then :(   As the bricking isn’t finished and one whole wall is exposed.


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