Thursday, December 3, 2009


The plasterers put up the external wall insulation yesterday, and didn’t do the garage!  So now I have to contact the builder to discuss the finer detail of the contract and what they define ‘external’ walls as.

I went up to the house early this morning on my way to work, to make sure they didn’t plaster the garage wall. The guy I spoke to said they would be doing it on Monday.  The client liaison wasn’t in the office today, so tomorrow I will have to discuss it with her.

When I went to the house to see there progress this afternoon I noticed they had done the pantry, but then I was walking around thinking “They haven't done anything, a whole day and they haven't done anything.”

Then I looked up.  We have a ceiling!

So here are some pictures of our wall insulation and some ceilings.





Yes cutting out all those pieces was like some sort of demented jigsaw puzzle!

Some massive fat ceiling batts


The pantry, where my bits of insulation have started falling out.  I hope the gyprockers put it back in :(

The beginnings of a ceiling


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