Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend

So Friday was spent on the phone to the client liaison person trying to point out that the contract did not define the terms of the insulation intuitively so they should put insulation in the garage wall. We argued around this for about half an hour I asked her where the external walls where then, and she said the living/dining wall adjoining the garage. I stated that we had already put insulation in that wall as I had thought it wouldn’t be done, and because I had done that, could they just use the insulation they where going to put in there and put it in the garage wall instead. The answer “Ok we can do that” I had a big lung full of air ready for my argument, so I was a bit knocked over when she said Ok. So Monday morning hubby drove by and Yes we have insulation in the garage wall!

It was my husbands birthday on Sunday, I totally forgot, my Mum rang me on Saturday and said “What does he want for his birthday tomorrow” *eek* So Mum came over and looked after the kids while I dashed of to the shops to buy a last minute birthday present.

I made him scones for breakfast then convinced him to go visit the Japanese gardens in town to get inspiration for our garden. Himeji Gardens brochure link.


I like the tiered tree look, but think it is probably to hard to do.


I think I can do this though, the wrap the tree up and only let it grow out the top look.


We didn’t really get to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the gardens to much, you see the hooded terror leaving the corner of this picture. That ones mine.

So hubby suggested that we grow little mini hedges in front of the retaining walls that we use out the front, that way it won’t matter what we use for the retaining wall as it won’t be seen. He wanted to use the fancy besa block type retaining walls. I have had to point out to him that because the retaining wall closest to the house has to hold the house back it has to be a heavy duty retaining wall which the besa block ones aren't. Seems he was actually listening to me, and has been thinking about it and come up with the hedge solution. Which I think will look quite good actually.


We went to Hogs Breath for dinner as a special birthday treat. They had a Happy Birthday sign up for him and a cool birthday headband. For my birthday in Feb I would love to be in the new house.

Upon arriving home I officially declared his birthday over and we set up the Christmas tree *yay* we let the kids decorate, so most of the decorations ended up at the one level, and on the one branch.



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