Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeling the Love from our SS

It seems a lot of people on the Homeone forum have trouble getting in touch with their Site Supervisor and/or getting information out of them.  We received a letter on Friday that the building company was shutting down its offices from the 22nd of December until the 11th of January and that while many trades will be on a break, some may choose to work during this time. I remembered in one conversation that I had with our SS that he had a few trades that where wanting to work over the Christmas break.  So I rang him today to see if there was anything I could do to help that happen.

He gave me the most exciting information:

  • Bricks should be finished today or tomorrow
  • House will be locked up on Monday
  • Tuesday the bath arrives
  • Dec 21st the kitchen is going in
  • the tilers and the painters are both going to work over the break

So killer excited! I guess it is the other side of the hump that will be boring, if nothing happens those first 11 days of Jan.

After school I went up to the house and no bricks had been done.  Seems the plasters are finished, it looks like they made a vague attempt to sweep up :( I think I might go sweep up nicely on the weekend again, then take some pictures.  I don’t think they have done all the insulation in the roof, I can see through some of the gaps in the plasterboard that there is no insulation.  I will have to put it on the list of things to check before PCI, that or borrow Dad’s ladder and go up there to have a look.

I had a stunning idea for the cut-outs near the home theatre room entrance, I think we might use Shoji doors and inserts.  They look a bit like this

Bassett Scarffe Black Bifold

The other thing I achieved today was to get a closer look at some pavers I have been eyeing off the last few weeks.  I drive past this paving place at least once a week, about a month ago they put up some new pavers that caught my eye. I’ve just shown hubby the pictures and he agrees that they will work brilliantly as the pavers around the house.  The ones on the right, the Oyster honed.


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