Monday, December 14, 2009

We are LOCKED out!!

Went up to the house today, there are doors where doors should be!!

My three year old ran around and tried all the doors, he turned around threw his hands up and said “all locked”.


There is a sticker on the front window from Gliderol, so I can only assume they have measured up the garage door!  Can’t wait to see it.

I had a thought that maybe we should get the front door frame painted black and leave the door red.  What do you think?


My massively expensive front door handle


All the other internal doors, taken through a very dirty window.  You wouldn’t know winter was just finished with all that dead grass in the background!IMG_0560

Much to my relief the door from the garage to the kitchen has a lock also! I was thinking I would have to put one on it after handover.


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  1. Congrats on getting lock up. The frame black and the red door would make a startling contrast. And would be great. What other color was you considering for the door frame? And what dies Troy think?

    (Sorry to post as anonymous, I don't have any account in the myriad of options - may get one some time. Roy)