Monday, January 4, 2010

Shopping for towels, Electrical Fit out and bath hob.

My mum called early this morning and said "I'm standing in an undercover parking spot here at Marion, come shopping"

So I threw the kids in the car and went down to meet her. I wanted to buy some new towels for the new house, I had seen some in the Harris Scarf catalogue on special from $34 down to $7.95 and they where the perfect green to.

We got to HS and there was only 1 green towel left. We called all the other stores, but none of them had any more. So after an hour of debating the pros and cons of the other towels on sale and calling the other stores and chasing the children around the store we gave up and went and had a coffee. My Mum loves DJs so we went there afterward to have a look and see if they had any nice Christmas decorations on sale. Mum noticed the towels where on sale in DJs also. So another hour was spent debating the merits of the towels, there weights size if they felt nice or not. Mum got out this dark charcoal towel and a white towel and put them side by side so that we could 'test' the green towels next to them all. OMG I was going to 'duck' into HS buy the towels and go home, 20mins tops. We where at the shops for 4 hours!! debating about towels.

Here they are, what do you think?


The best bit about shopping with Mum is that she bought them for my birthday :)

Since I spent the whole day looking at towels and not the other things I really wanted to get done I consoled myself by going past the house on the way home.

There were some guys in there doing the electrical work 
My place is like the only one on the street being worked on at the moment, everyone else must hate me!

Front door outside light.

Ensuite - this photo was taken on the run as the guys where in there putting in the exhaust fans.

Above Meals area

Did you notice what I missed? Yep all the cornices have been done.

Home Theatre room with the powerpoint and data point up on the wall

Tiles for the kitchen splashback. They are matt so as not to conflict with the diamond gloss benchtop, but I don't know about them now, really think we should have gone with the great big 300x600 super glossy white tiles we used in the bathroom.

I can't work out why the bath goes in to the wall like this?? There was/is heaps of room up the other end?
Look at what he has done to prop the bath up. There where a few bricks left over that the brickie had in a nice pile ready to do under the kitchen window. Well the tiling guy took them here for the bath, and look roof tiles to!! They look like they come from the house just down the road from us!

See the soap holder looking thing on the cabinet? That is supposed to be a foot rest that goes in to the shower alcove. It looks more like a soap thing to me then a foot rest. I think my foot would hurt resting on that.

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