Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Carpet and Lights – Choices made

Went past the house on my way out today, there where no tradesmen and nothing going on however I did notice that the back bedroom window was open. I shut the window so that it looked closed but was not latched. Sneaky deeky that I am.
Today's task was to get a carpet quote. I read through all the suggestions on the HomeOne Forum carefully and made notes! I went to the nearest Cavalier Bremworth reseller! Carpet Choice on South Road. There where only two carpet colours that I even remotely liked, and they where on special! I asked and they lay the carpet using a power stretcher.
The quote she gave me was $600 cheaper then the nylon carpet quote I got from Solomons! I did however make a mistake, I bought two different colour samples home. Hubby likes the 'grey' colour, I like the darker colour. What do you think?Image
He doesn't like it because of the specks of colour through it. They don't come out to well in the photos.
I have to go back tomorrow and get a formal written quote from Chris,  she is going to see if they can do the underlay upgrade for free like the Solomons carpet was going to.
I finally went to the Pond Pump place, the guy said my idea should work *whohoo* with the teeny weeny Solar Pump that I was looking at.
I went home via Target to look at the lights Jodge found (http://forum.homeone.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=27892)
I cooked hubby his favourite dinner, and when he had finished eating suggested that we go up the house and see how the lights look, and if I should buy more!
Being completely insane and build obsessed here we are putting up light fittings in a half finished not painted hallway
My husband loves them, so tomorrow I will go back and get more!

Sam likes them to

We went for a walk around the reserve that is across the road from us, the kids ran ahead and were kids, we walked and talked, I tried to sell him on the darker carpet..... then we came back to the car and went home. I can't wait till we live there and we can go for a walk after dinner every night!

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