Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Got more lights – don’t like carpet choice.

I've decided to stop shopping for the house. I think I need to 'live' in it now for a bit to get a feel for it and the rooms, and then buy knick knacks to fill out the decor.. etc
Today however I went in to the city to get dear hubby a Bath Sheet in the same colour and brand as the towels Mum bought me. He just LOVEs his bath sheet towel that he has now. Me I can't get the hang of a HUGE towel.
I put a message up on Facebook about wanting to monogram the kids towels. Turns out my Aunt has a sewing machine that can do it!!  So hopefully I can get her to do them for me.
Whilst in the city I visited the bigger Target and got the rest of the lights I need for the house, 18 in total! 9 small 14cm high ones for the WIR, pantry, bathroom, toilet laundry etc, and 9 bigger 23cm long ones for the hallways, study, living/dining area.
I looked at the Target lampshades, ($12) they are made so that you can turn them one way or another for Pendant or Lamp shade. This is when I decided to stop buying things for the house. I am thinking I can use one of these lampshades and cover it in whatever fabric matches my curtains, then get a Pendant light fitting from say IKEA ($7) say $5 for material and I have a great pendant light for $23!
I saw these lamps at Target. I love them.
There is this show on 7 two called "How Not to Decorate" last week they did this room in black and white and mirrors. The floor was BLACK stained wood. Then they put a big white shaggy rug on it. The furniture was white couches, the coffee table was a mirror and they had mirror lamps like these on the side tables. I love it! I will have to see if I can put some of the video of it up. But I don't think I will be able to do anything like it in ANY of the rooms!
I ordered the LIGHT grey carpet. I figure it will be easier to match furniture to the light grey carpet. However I am still not 100% sold on it. Hubby said he didn't mind a darker carpet, just not the speckles through it. I notice on the Kimberly website they have a Cedar Park range

Which doesn't seem to have the speckles that the Valley View range does
I will go tomorrow and see if they have the Cedar Park and what it looks like. I know I dismissed a few of the 'grey' carpets because they looked to brown.
On the positive side the quote for carpeting came in at $700 less then the first quote I got, and she is upgrading to the gold range underlay for free!
I saw this bedroom in an ad on teli, I think I might like to do my bedroom something like this. With a drum light overhead that is white with the same colour green leaf design on it.


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