Thursday, January 21, 2010

6 more weeks because of the Garage door!!

I got a call from the SS yesterday. Apparently the old SS hadn't ordered our roller door! So it is going to be at least 6 weeks before that arrives. :(
However he said if we are happy we can move in without the garage door.
However the old SS hadn't ordered the shower screens and they are going to be at least 4 weeks :(
He did however say he was going to get someone to come in and do the steps from the garage to the kitchen.  No more climbing up this huge ledge to get into the house.
The right sized pot drawers are in
Overhang on the kitchen bench - I hope it is enough to put a few stools under.
He asked why the kitchen window was missing a ledge. I explained the whole 1mtr high kitchen bench top debacle, he said he would have gotten them to lower the window before doing the bricking if he had known that. I said I would rather just leave it, I never really liked the idea of the kitchen window being level with the bench top anyway as we are going to have the sink there. So he said he would get someone to come in and put in the window ledge.
I was there briefly today, and a tradesman turned up to put in the kitchen ledge.
The tiler was there also, cutting out spots to put in our foot rests.
He was happy cause now he can do the kitchen tiling.
Apparently the painters are starting on Monday, so I have to go up there early and talk to them, and see if we can work something out in regards to painting the external door frames black.
The eaves are almost done.
I asked about the excess bricks, he said that normally they keep the extras and take them on to the next house that is using that brick "Everyone is using the Bianca at the moment" he said that no-one else is building with our brick, so if we move them down the back of the block we can keep the excess  I am thinking of using them as a border to the driveway, and maybe a brick letterbox. I think I have settled on just a plain charcoal driveway, no fancy stencilling or anything, I think our house bricks stand out enough without needing anything extra for the driveway.
Oh and we have to sign a waiver for the smooth finish garage door apparently it shows all the bumps and knocks and dings.  We just didn't want a door that had that wood look. I wonder how smooth  the smooth finish is???
Also I was talking to the tiler about him doing our floor tiles after handover. I can see now why the quote he gave us was so cheap, he stated that he was going to start the floor tiling in the corner of the meals area, and where the tiles fell in regards to the front corridor that is what they where going to be.   So I said "well how about if you put the first time smack bang in the middle of the front door so that we have a row of tiles running up the middle of the hallway. "oh yeah you could do that and be fancy".  So I am thinking I might need to keep on eye on him when he is doing the tiling. As long as the first one goes in the right spot the rest should be easy.
We have had a huge delivery of new computers at work. Do you think I have enough packing boxes?
(there is another row behind that one)

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