Friday, January 8, 2010

Chat with the Tiler.

Since the tiler has started, but not called me, I was paranoid he was going to do the shower area without me asking him to go to the ceiling so I got up at an ungodly hour and drove up to the house.
As I approached the house I saw no cars and my heart sank, then I noticed that the side door was open. I went into the house, and the reason for no car because clear, he rides a bike!! Apparently he lost his license!
So I got some more pics
Toilet - beautifully centred
Main bathroom shower area
Main bathroom looking toward the bath
Plumbers finger as he explains how the bath hob works
I asked him about the front door and he said that he is going to build a bit of a step there  But he said "don't worry it will look good" so here's hoping it looks good.
We agreed on $50 for him to tile to the ceiling in the shower area and to tile one wall with a different tile, however I have to go to Beaumonts today and get the extra tiles he needs. So hopefully they play nice.

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  1. Do you mind me asking if you were happy with your tiler?