Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Outside tap – Painting begins in ernest

The white grout with the dark tiles and the 3 different tile sizes in the main bathroom is bumming me out a little.
The kitchen splashback tile doesn't go either. So I am a little despondent over the build and not really as excited as I should be. All the work that we are going to have to do when we move in is beginning to press down on me.
I went up to the house on Tuesday to see if anything was going on. I happened to bump into our SS! Timing was great. So I have met him now.
My son didn't have any shoes on, and wanted me to carry him up to the house, but I already had the baby in my arms, so the SS picked him up and carried him up to and around the house. My son (god bless him) said "Thankyou man" when was picked up! My SS said "What nice manners you have" At least I got that right.
Nothing had happened in the house, NOTHING. A whole week and nothing. The SS had been away last week and he said another SS had taken the tradies of my build. I got the impression he wasn't happy.
I went up for a look yesterday, seems the painters have covered the inside of the house with plastic like some sort of giant internal condom. So I can't get in for piccies.
I don't think I've taken a photo of the outside tap yet..
When I was looking at the laminex website I entered the competition to win a kitchen makeover (for my Mum) they sent out a free apron as part of the competition - oddly enough they kept sending me letters telling me they where going to send the apron, and that it was coming.
it is a pretty cool apron, as aprons go. I have been wearing it whilst cooking, so of course my son wanted to help me cook and wear it also.
The naked chef

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