Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Keys Tomorrow!!

We are meeting the SS onsite tomorrow at 9:15am!! *yay* Since I have pretty much overseen each and every step of the build I don't think it is worth getting an independent inspector in. The SS seems to have been on top of everything I mentioned anyway, and he even picked up on a few things I missed.

I am going to take our contract/floor plans/electrical plan with us and just make sure every power point is there and everything mentioned in the contract is there. Then I am going to check all the suggestions on this thread....

I will try to remember to take heaps of photos! But I might get to excited! I am hoping to take piccies in every room, as it is never going to be as clean and tidy as it is now!

I will try to post pictures from work tomorrow, so check at about 12pm ish, depending on how much work I have when I finally get in!!

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