Monday, February 15, 2010

Add an extra $100,000

I went up to the Statesman display home on Sunday to see how they laid the 600 x 300 tile in the display home. (To the ceiling, so no arguement about how mine differed from the display home)

I heard the salesperson telling a customer to take the base price of the house and the land price then add $100k and they would have a finished house price. It has got me thinking what our finished cost will be, and although $100k sounds ludicrous it probally isn't that far off.

Base House price $186k
Various upgrades makes the final bill from the builder $208k - so $22k there

Air -con (quote only we can't afford to install it just yet) $14k
Driveway - $6k
Carpets - $5k
Tiles - $4k
Laying of tiles $6k
Fencing (roughly worked out on $100 a mtr) $7k
Retaining wall already installed $7k
Retaining wall across front and down side $7k
Stormwater trenching $2k
Rainwater tank - $1k
Paving - $3k
Curtains/Drapes/Plantation Shutters - I'm guessing at least $2k
Landscaping - at least $2k I would guess

Total - $88k

I would have to say that I think that salesperson isn't to far off being correct.

Mind you, if ours Sales Consultant had told us House Price + Land + $100k = Final price I think I would have had a heartattack and said Forget it!!

So a few optional extras are
$600 - for a mirror splashback in the kitchen
$1500 to change the shower screens to 2100mm high.

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