Friday, September 4, 2009

Survey pegs missing and site cut on the 10th.

So after playing phone tag with a woman at Statesman for two days she finally leaves me a voicemail message with her email address and a message that the site works can't commence as there is a survey peg missing.

I knew that when we had the site re-surveyed before purchasing that they put some site pegs in the ground, I also remembered seeing a survey peg laying in the mud in the reserve area across the road from our place.

I figured I could just roughly measure out the distance from the survey peg that was there and I would find the one on the ground easy. So I bundled the 2 year old and the baby into the car with the tape measure.

I got the the block and put Sam in the pram and walked up to about where the peg would be. I kicked around a bit with my sneaker and found nothing. I got the tape measure and measured 8mtrs (as long as the tape was) and then got Tomasz to stand in the spot and hold onto the tape measure, and measured out another 8 mtrs, then got him to come stand again, and measured a final 4 mtrs. I kicked about a bit and still found nothing. I was going to need a shovel!!

I walked up the hill and knocked on the door of one off the few houses that have been completed in the estate. Luckily someone was home and I borrowed a shovel. I measured out again with the help of my two year old, he was actually pretty good at holding the tape measure for me!

I scraped the gound with the shovel and found the buried peg easily!! I pushed the pram back down the hill, across the road and into the scrub, found the survey peg, pushed the pram back up the hill, and hammered the survey peg in with the back of the shovel. I got my 2 year old to hold the survey peg whilst I hammered it in. I stood back to observe my work and when I looked up there was a heap of guys pouring a slab two blocks away watching me!!

I came home and finally got the lady from Statesman on the phone, she gave me the name of the company that was going to do our site cut, then she mentioned "They are actually currently working on a slab two blocks down from you" I hope the bloody supervisor who said there was a peg missing noticed how 'easy' it was for me to find said peg!!

So I rang the company today to give them the details of my retaining wall guy, and to see if they can dig up the olive stump in the middle of our block. No problem with the stump, and they have us booked in for the 10th to do the site cut. The 10th !!! whohooo I think Tomasz, Sam and I are going to spend the day sitting in the car watching the digger work :)

I will have to go take some photos of the block on the weekend. The last time it shall be barren!! So excited!!!


  1. Hahaha!!! Great post! All too easy, they obviously didn't want to get their hands dirty looking for the peg. They are usually there if they dig around, surely they'd have known that!

    Very exciting for the site cut on the 10th. Looking forward to lots of pics. :)

  2. So am I. I told my husband not to expect me home on Thursday, the boys and I are going to spend the day watching the digger at work.!

  3. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad it helped!
    Looking forward to seeing your house!

  4. I love this post!! Well done to your 2yr old for helping!! It just shows... It takes a woman ;)