Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Released to Construction

Well I got a phone call this morning from Richard at Statesman, they where missing a signed variation form, and he needed it as soon as possible because they want to release us to construction this Friday !!!

I knew exactly which form it was; the $38,000 footings one!

So as I had to go in to the city today anyways I thought I would drop them off myself. This gave me the chance to talk to Richard and express my concerns about the placement of the sewer line. It goes diagonally across the front of the block, if they do this we won't be able to put in a retaining wall where I want to. So he drew line and said "sewer here" and I signed it. Will wait and see if I get charged a $250 variance for that!

He said they are currently at about 3 weeks til they start once it is released. So if I am really lucky we will get something started by the 7th of September. I go back to work on 14th, so I will be very excited if they start before I go back to work. Thats all I want. He did say they are building them alot faster at the moment also. I wonder what that means :) dare I dream that we might be in by Christmas????

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