Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I think we started

This is a photo of the block on Saturday.


I took some soup to my Mum who was sick, and on the way home I went past the block, to see if they had dropped the machinery off for the site start on Thursday, and this is what I saw.


I hope this means they have started!! There is a lot less soil moved then I thought… and the cut up the back is supposed to be 1.4mtrs.  So hubby and I are going to have a closer look tomorrow.

I would be beyond excited if I wasn’t so tired.  Hopefully I can get a good sleep tonight so I can be excited tomorrow.  I rang the retaining wall person that we have contracted, he is going to have a look at it tomorrow, he said he can dig the trenches Thursday, put in the steel Friday, have the sleepers delivered Monday and be done by Tuesday :)

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