Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain, Rain go away I wanted my slab today

After dropping my daughter at school I had to go to the hospital to see a Dr, by the time I got up to the block it was 11am and raining.  It looks like they got as far as laying out all the string to mark the edges of the slab when the heavens opened. So instead of some lovely trenches being dug all I have is some string :(  Not happy Jan, we had such amazingly good weather over the weekend to.

The weather forecast for the next three days is wet and shitty, followed by more wet and shitty.  Looks like Friday might be fine, I am guessing they won’t do anything until next week Monday now :(


Ok so it was a day of extreme weather with hail storms, lighting, thunder, trees coming down and all that….. pussies, they could still sit in a metal machine on the side of a barren hill digging trenches.

On a  positive note my hubby has been busy taking calls from people’s computers that have gone belly up in the storm.

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  1. Arghh!!! The waiting game rears it's ugly head the whole way through the building process!! I found myself wishing away every stage in anticipation of the next step.... can't wait for the loan approval... can't wait for the land to title... can't wait to see them start... the slab... the internals... the PCI... the END!!... moving in... to be unpacked... the landscaping...

    I hate to tell you, but there's always something else around the corner to look forward to - even after your house is built and you finally move in :) (I'm currently at the "I can't wait to finally be unpacked and set-up stage" as well as the "can't wait to make a proper start on the landscaping" stage)

    I've got my fingers crossed for better weather for next week for you!!