Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Site Cut

Our site cut started Wednesday last week, one day early!

I noticed they had done the site scrape on the Tuesday, so took my husband up early Wednesday morning to have a look.  There was a guy working on the cut, a supervisor arrived as we got out of the car and I went over and talked to him.

The plans had the retaining wall coming across the back of the block and then dog legging in toward the house.  I asked if they could take the cut all the way out to the stormwater easement and there fore give me a little room at the back of the house for my washing line.


You can see the triangle here. The sleeper you can see poking up on the left if the survey peg for the neighbour behind and where the stormwater easement goes off.


And here it is cut out (looking from the other direction).


See how they piled all the soil over there near where the retaining wall has to go.  Yeah that’s what the retaining wall guy said to.

In the picture below see where the grass is scraped too on the right side? You can just see the survey peg up the back, that is our boundary! Our block looks to be all house and no yard at the moment! Hopefully when the slab goes down it won’t look so huge. I took our daughter out to look after school all she could say was “We have no yard”



  1. landscaping is going to be your best friend at your new home - landscaping that gives the illusion of space! lol

  2. We are hoping to do some espalier fruit trees down the side, so hopefully that will help make the yard look bigger with the illusion of trees :)