Friday, February 27, 2009

Too many choices, but nothing we really like, so changed bathroom colour scheme

So today we went into Statesman/Hickenbotham in the city to make some choices. We had a bit of a discussion over the bathroom tiles, hubby wanted brown floor tiles, I didn't. Eventually I conceeded and agreed to the brown floor tile. What a waste of time that half hour discussion turned out to be. After selecting things like door handles and cupboard handles we decided to go to Beaumont Tiles to look at freize tiles for the bathroom, as the tile we had seen in the display home wasn't on the wall and we where told we could pick pretty much any tile from Beaumonts and they would price it for us.

We went to Beaumonts and could not find a brown frieze tile to go with the brown floor tile that hubby liked.

Getting to the end of the mosaics and our patience we found this frieze tile

and so agreed to change our whole bathroom colour scheme. So we picked a new door colour "charcoal"

and a new floor tile. Which is a little shade lighter then the charcoal door. I tried to take a photo of it, but all the lights in our house are to yellow and it doesn't show it's true colour nicely.

So now we are going with 'grey' as our colour scheme we will have to re-think the kitchen.

We are going to have a look at the Statesman Adelaide display home in Northgate tommorow, this place has the rumpus room, not the alfresco, so hopefully it will give us more of an idea about space and light.

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