Friday, February 20, 2009

Japenese Rock Garden

My husband suggested that we needed a 'theme' for our house, something to tie it all together.

We where looking at the different themes on the Porter Davis web site at the time.

My sister had a new baby, and as a gift I had a towel monogrammed with her babies name. While looking for blue towels I came across this fantastic coloured green towel. Which got me thinking, since we are having brown bathroom tiles, cupboards etc the green towel would look great in there. Also I decided if I am going to buy new green towels in the bathroom then I would have them monogrammed with the kids names, then they can't fight over who is using whose towel. This lead to me thinking I could put some bamboo thing in the bathroom as decoration.
As I was driving I saw someone had put white gravel along their nature strip, it reminded me a rental we had where I dug up all the bark from the front postage stamped garden and laid white gravel (to stop the bugs coming in). It looked very much like a japense rock garden, so tonight we have decided that our 'theme' is going to be a Japenese rock garden. We are going to put something to this effect out the front.
So now we are thinking we are going to match our roof, bricks, render etc to the Japenese rock garden. We are set on having 'mid grey' roof tiles, but can't seem to find a brick that goes with it. The 'mid grey' roof tile selection is because they are the lightest in the 'cheaper' selection range. We want to a light roof to save with heating and cooling costs. So looking for brick ideas :)

This also helped us to decide on a pale green splashback for the kitchen :) It looks good in the My Virtual Home software.

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