Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Land Contract

The block, you can see the reserve across the road, we are hoping this will be a good place for the boys to kick the footy and go rambling.

We signed the contract for the land on Saturday, in 45 degree heat, we recieved a copy of the contract today, just waiting for them to sign off on it and send it back which should be about two weeks. We have asked for a 90 day settlement, hopefully we will get it. I scanned the contract in to send to the finance lady, but realised at the end that I had done it upside down :( so had to do it again, all 68 pages.

We signed and paid the deposit for the building contract yesterday. The floorplan looks like this...

We have extended out the kitchen to under the eaves so that I can have a 900mm oven. We have made the main entrance into the Lounge/Dining as an archway that later we are going to put some bi-fold doors into. This area will be hubby's home office, we have a computing repair/support business that we run from home and need alot of space for it.

We have also closed off the game/home theatre area and taken out the sliding door. I didn't want to take out the sliding door, but hubby wants a solid wall to put his speakers on, and doesn't want light coming in the afternoon. He also states that he can put the BBQ outside against the wall.

While the boys are young we will get them to share a room, and have the other bedroom as a play room.

We can't wait!!

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