Saturday, February 28, 2009

Looking for bricks

We went out to Golden Grove to the PGH display. It reached around 28 degrees today, we got out there at about 4pm. The difference in temperature between the dark bricks and the light bricks was really remarkable. The dark bricks where almost to hot to touch, whereas the light bricks where still quite cool.

Nothing in the PGH range really struck us, as we where driving home we stumbled across the Austral bricks display, so quickly jumped out and had a look at those also.

Hubby immediately fell in love with the Almond. Online it looks really beige but in real life it is much paler then the nougat, almost white. He took about 20 photos of this one small piece of wall.

So the exterior colours are looking to be Almond bricks, mid grey roof tiles, some sort of dark grey guttering and lighter fascia. Hubby really wants black window frames, but I am thinking for those we will need black guttering, which I don't think will go with the grey roof tiles. I guess we will see how much colourbond is going to be.

Our choice of freize tile for the bathroom isn't sitting well with me. Expect a change there yet.

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