Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Display Homes - to much brown..

We went looking at display homes over the weekend. By the end of the day we had decided on one thing. There was to much brown in the world. We have decided to change our kitchen.
Looking through the standard range for Statesman we picked the 'Fossil' for the bottom cupboard and 'white' for the top. We are thinking of a 'mint cream' splash back and still the 'white valencia' benchtop. Hubby mocked me up a kitchen in paint.

Hubby got the Fossil sample from the laminex display place on Tuesday, and it doesn't look anywhere near this green/greyish in real life. Also I rang and the glass splashback would be minimum $1500 so now we are thinking maybe mosaics.
Convinced the builders to send me out there booklet of standard range items. It isn't really helpful as it doesn't have pricing. We are going to go in to the builders offices on Friday to have a look at tiles in the 'standard range'.

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