Saturday, February 14, 2009


We don't even have the building contract approved by Statesman and back to us, yet we are picking colours for the kitchen and bathrooms. We had the parents look after the older children and took the baby to the laminex store in the city. It was great having the doors that we could take down and hold against the benchtops.
We have chosen 'chocolate pear' for the bottom cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathrooms.

'White Valencia' for the kitchen bench

and 'Parchment' for the overhead cupboards. Now we just need to work out a splashback.

We are going to use the 'chocolate pear' for the cupboards in the bathroom. But have 'polar white' as the benchtops in the bathroom.
There is a wobbly tile that we saw in a display home that I liked, we are going to have that as the tile in the bathroom with a brown mosaic line running around. Like this.

On the way home we passed an 'Austral Bricks' display place, we went in to have a look at the chocolate brick. It looked really pale and yucky. The lady behind the desk gave us a list of houses that it had been used in recently, so we will go do a drive by on them and see what we think.
I think bricks and roof is going to be a big discussion. I want black bricks (aubergine from PGH), but a light roof, (light roof so that we save on cooling costs etc) but I don't know if they will look alright together. I may have to have a light brick house to go with the lighter roof *blerg* or a red brick house to go with a lighter roof *blerg blerg*
Still no survey pegs on the back of our block. Will have to ring the land agent about that.

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  1. Nice to see someone else who is not going for stone benchtops ! You might like to look at Zenolight for your splashback, a new product that is about half the cost of glass but made of plastic. The only drawback is that it can't be near heat - ie you will need something behind your stove top. We have specified it so hope it is as good as it sounds!

    Your bathroom sounds like ours, we have white wavy tiles with a horizontal brown trim only in a week or so and it looks very smart to me. The horizontal trim makes the small bathrooms appear bigger. Having light floor tiles also helps.