Saturday, October 17, 2009

OMG BRICKS!! We have bricks

Bricks are the one thing you spend so long agonizing over, so many conversations with my husband, so many trips to display villages and looking at houses built with different bricks.  To have them actually arrive is so thrilling and exciting.

On the homeone forum I have read so many people go “My bricks have arrived and I hate them, they totally where not what I was expecting” 

I spent so much time and effort choosing my bricks, and paid $6000 extra to have my bricks that I was confident that I would love them on site.

My bricks have arrived and I hate them!! They are totally not what I was expecting!

Worse then that, the guy who delivered the bricks was totally useless (according to my neighbour) and dropped a whole pallet of bricks down the slope.


I’ve grabbed a few bricks to take the display home and compare against.

IMG_0123 IMG_0124

I’ve put the brick out on the back footpath so that I have to pass it on my way to the washing line.  I need to fall in love with it again.

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