Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 20th – 31st / Frame and Windows

I have been slack in updating the blog. 

So here we go October 20, wood arrives and frame starts.

October 21 – They are working fast.

October 24 – Frame is finished – Check out all the excess nails we cleaned up

October 25th We had an independent inspection done.


All the red marks are where they missed extra bits of wood, or extra bracing.

They have all been fixed now.  Some other things we noticed was that the cut-outs didn’t match the door height, and the porch post was put right in front of the window.

Cutouts Post

October 26th – Windows arrive – Termite protection done.

October 27th – Plumbing is done. Apparently the guys doing the frame squished the pipe that had been nicely done through the slab, so the plumber had to do some dodgy coming out the side of the house ugly thing.

October 28th  - Windows go in.


October 31st – Brickies Sand and Shed arrives. – White Sand and Bright White mortar

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