Thursday, October 8, 2009

Footings Report

We had an independent inspector come in and do a report on the slab.  His notes are as below.  On the front page he had a photo of the slab, it is an angle that I don’t have a photo off yet.  So here it is :)


1.2.0 finishing 1.2.1 completion -The finishing off to the slab surface looks generally comparatively reasonable. There are signs of over pour around the perimeter of the footings. In many instances this looks like minor to moderate, seemingly extending from the face by no much more depth of the boards/formwork used in most areas. However in my opinion the excessive over pour should be removed to minimise risks of moisture ingress/slab edge dampness in the future. Footings1

1.2.2 footing beams - The surface finish of the exposed edge beams looks rough in some areas with scaly texture that looks to be flaking in some areas along with some minor blowholes. However, in my opinion, due to the blowholes being minor and the majority situated below the 75mm recommended exposure for the top of the footings, no additional works are required. 1.2.3 flatness  - Tolerances are within the recommended +/- 10mm as per Engineers footing construction report. 1.2.4 vapour barrier /damp proof membrane Vapour barrier/damp proof membrane appears to match that of recommended information. In some instances the vapour barrier falls short and will not extend to paving level - therefore a suitable waterproof compound should be applied to footing beam (Zypex or the like) prior to paving. As stated in 1.2.1 - Completion, there is some excessive concrete overpour in some areas that may effect the function of the vapour barrier/damp proof membrane to the footing beam edge. I suggest the excessive over pour should be removed to allow the vapour barrier/damp proof membrane to protect the footing beam.


1.4.0 set downs

showers Ensuite shower setdown has been constructed differently from plan (oversized). Rectification work (screeding) will need to be carried out ensuring it does not effect the integrity of waterproofing.


We where in Darwin on holiday when we got this report, so I sent it on to the client liaison team, who said they would forward it to the engineers.  I don’t think they are going to act on it at all.  Though I will be keeping an eye on the shower alcove thing to make sure we don’t get a leak!

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