Monday, March 16, 2009

Surprise Visitor

On Friday I was quite surprised to find Paul our Sales Consultant standing on my front door step.

When we first signed we had signed for the Adelaide Alfresco, but changed our minds to the Adelaide, so he had an exclusion form for the Adelaide. A form that says "This is everything in the display home, and your not getting it"

Hubby wasn't home at the time, so I told him we would drop it back to him on Saturday at the display village. I really hope that this isn't what has been holding up our paperwork.

Paul reiterated that the contract had been approved, that there was some discussion about the footings costs, but that we where aware they may be greater then the amount he put in the contract. Apparantly they have been getting some costs back from the estate that are quite large. But our block is probally the flatest block out there.

So Saturday we went to Blackwood display villages.

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