Monday, March 30, 2009

Some changes..well a few

Hubby's parents visited the other weekend, and we took them to look at more display homes, particularly the Adelaide at Noarlunga, just to see how they had done the tiles etc. It was all the same, however in the Format homes he saw for the first time a cavity sliding door to a wardrobe, and loved it! *smacks head* I had been asking for this for ages, and he poopooed the idea, however now that he has seen it, he is quite keen for it to be done. So I rang our sales consultant and asked if it was to late to make changes. He said "no" so we sat down and came up with a list of everything we wanted to change. We came up with the following.

Remove Portico (turns out neither of us really liked the portico, and we thought it was the other who wanted it)

Sliding cavity doors to WIRs in all bedrooms – this then enables us to have the 3 shelves and 4 draws in bedroom 3 as drawn on the plan

Add back 4 draws and 3 shelf unit to WIR in bedroom 3.

Shower spout (shower head) raise to 2000 in ensuite and main bathroom

Shower tiling to 2100 in ensuite and main bathroom

(We have chosen a Beaumont tile (03102) it is 200 x 300mm and we have been told it is in Statesman standard range, so we would like this laid vertically, so that it will be 7 tiles high in the shower alcove, and 5 tiles high for the 1500 tiling around the rest of the bathroom).

Remove the extra row of tiling in the laundry – we will be having the 200x300mm tiles laid vertically in the laundry also, so no longer need the extra rows.

Change under bench oven from gold range 900mm oven to silver range POP667. (we saw the westinghouse 900mm oven and for an extra $1500 it wasn't worth it)

Add a standard internal door from kitchen to dining area

Add a standard internal door to study

Add solar hot water system

Add a broom closet to laundry

Add internal sound proofing insulation (could you please give us costing on this) either

a) all internal walls of the house excluding the walls housing the WIR


b) Adjoining wall bedroom 3 & 4

Adjoining wall bedroom 4 and rumpus

Adjoining wall family and bedroom 4/hallway

Also I don’t like the look of the cornices on the front exterior of the house over the windows. It makes them look sleepy. Can they be removed above the window line for the front of the house? I have pictures if you need a definition of what I mean.

We have picked out a brick from the Austral range called ‘Seacliff’. It is a discontinued brick however they have 20,000 left. I think you said our house only required 8000, the Austral liaison with ACS is expecting a phone call to quote on the bricks. We are crossing our fingers that it won’ t be any more than a normal bronze/standard range brick.

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